Services & Prices



Clients are commercial and non-commercial. It is for anyone or any place that has walls (or pages) that are not all that they can be for those viewing them – it is for people!


I offer two broad types of services:


  • “already-made” – the work displayed on the Walls of the galleries on this site. However, I also have an extensive library of images not displayed online; and


  • “made-to-fit” – customised work tailored/developed to the specific needs (walls or pages) of the client. This will generally involve working to a “brief”, say, images for walls, websites or promo material (etc.) to creatively communicate a business slogan, company values, local surroundings, the office space and the like. Some briefs will require me to visit certain locations or premises, and I am very happy to that. However, in some instances it may become relevant to make arrangements for time and travel costs.


Sometimes, it is also helpful to say what services I do not deliver. In my case that would be “traditional portrait photography” - but I positively love drawing portraits :)




Art Paintings


Artworks are generally delivered framed to best suit aesthetic qualities and conservation concerns. See the individual >>Art Paintings<< for a per item price.



Art Photography


The great thing about art photography is that I can tailor the final artwork to your specific needs and preferences, just get in touch with me using the >>Contact Us<< form.


To give an idea of price ranges, I have shown the most popular sizes here for photo and canvas prints:


  • Photo prints - the most popular format is: 12"x18"
  • image only (w/o framing): NZ$350; or
  • image with contemporary framing (e.g., acrylic): NZ$450.


  • Canvas prints - the most popular format is: 24"x36"
  • image ready for hanging (coated with UV protectant varnish for moisture resistance and protection against ultra violet light and abrasion): NZ$550.


Bear in mind when ordering your size that it is very easy to underestimate it - it "sounds" big but once the artwork is up on a wall it "looks" a lot smaller. I am very happy to offer assistance in suggesting what may be an appropriate size for your wall or walls.




Impressionist Photography

Learn about how I have blended impressionism into my style of photography in this >>article<<


Case Study

FreeflyWall produced >>bespoke art work<< for The Space in Wellington CBD.