By Camilla Lundbak

With an expressive and creative drawing style, my artwork offers movement, blur and an element of letting the media run wild. That is, I want to master the techniques but allow the media to breathe and guide me. The overall feel of my work becomes bold yet sensitive, delicate and subtle.

My work is primarily based on dry media, pastels, but often mixing it with watercolours in strong blends or ink.


Artworks are delivered framedto best suit aesthetic qualities (such as, the most appropriate quality of glass) and conservation concerns (durability, dust etc.). Prices range from approximately $500 - $2000, depending on each artwork and specific framing requirements.


If you would enjoy having one of my paintings on your walls, please do get in touch with me using the >>Contact Us<< page. 


I hope you enjoy the art!



Impressionist Photography

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Case Study

FreeflyWall produced >>bespoke art work<< for The Space in Wellington CBD.