Monochrome Feeling

Monochrome Feeling


By Camilla Lundbak


This series is a tribute to anyone that has been, is or hopes to be in love. In different ways they capture emotions associated with love - anno 2010. All of them are street images. Effects were generated 100% "in-camera", that is, motion, blur and panning were generated on the spot by photography techniques not through photoshop or similar. See >>Meet Us<< to learn more about my photography style.


The image 'Companionship' was awarded an Acceptance Ribbon in the prestigous national North Shore Salon of Photography (2010) in the digital category 'movement'.



Impressionist Photography

Learn about how I have blended impressionism into my style of photography in this >>article<<


Case Study

FreeflyWall produced >>bespoke art work<< for The Space in Wellington CBD.