Meet Camilla Lundbak



FreeflyWall is a contemporary art gallery owned by Wellington-based artist and photographer Camilla Lundbak, and a result of collaborating with people that share a similar passion for creativity and professionalism.


First, Makeweb Ltd, an energetic and dynamic New Zealand-based company that excel in online business tools, which have been used to build this gallery. Secondly, the talented graphic designer Bram Goewie, based in Belgium, who enthusiastically and to perfection translated my values into the FreeflyWall logo. Thirdly, Ken Ball's invaluable support, encouragement and mentoring from across the Tasman Sea.





  • my style is expressive yet in a sensitive, delicate and subtle way. I celebrate movement, blur and creative angles.



  • the world around me is the starting point but I explicitly insert “gaps” in my works for the viewer to fill.


  • art is judged by its end-result but to me it matters how you get there. This gives me a strong focus on skill and creativity in making artwork; for example, using “in-camera” techniques instead of post-production effects.


For further information on my style and approach specifically to photography, have a look at the article >>Impressionist Photography<<.



  • 2010 (July): New Zealand Art Show 2010 - general exhibition;


  • 2010 (July): North Shore Salon of Photography 2010 - awarded 2 Acceptance Ribbons in the prestigious national photographic competition in the digital categories 'movement' and 'red';


  • 2010 (June): Documentary Essay Competition - winner of cover shot. NZ Photographer magazine, issue 16 (cover plus pp. 12-17);


  • 2010 (May): Motion Blur Competition - Pick of the Bunch. NZ Photographer magazine, issue 15 (p. 14); and


  • 2010 (March): Canon (Australia/New Zealand) 100% Pure Photography Competition - winner with a prize valued at NZ$5000. The competition was judged by Canon in association with Tourism New Zealand.


Visit the >>News Blog<< for more details about these achievements!


(Profile images © Ken Ball, Rene Ebbesen and Jules Lund, respectively)



Impressionist Photography

Learn about how I have blended impressionism into my style of photography in this >>article<<


Case Study

FreeflyWall produced >>bespoke art work<< for The Space in Wellington CBD.