Bespoke Art

I offer two broad types of >>Services<<: “already-made” as can be viewed in the >>Galleries<<; and “made-to-fit”. On the latter, customised art, an example of my work can be found below.




Case Study: Growth in THE SPACE




Home, Openings, Craft, Complete


  • Purpose - THE SPACE is a business centre located in the heart of Wellington on the buzzing Blair Street;


  • People - a great bunch of entrepreneurial companies in the areas of IT, social media, graphic design and business-to-business services. A doorway into a vibrant environment of people proactively seeking their dreams and goals; and


  • Place - high ceilings, walls and the odd patch painted Malibu blue (a bright, cold blue). Past use of the facilities includes a huge walk-in-safe for a commercial bank, which has now been converted into a meeting room still with the original huge metal door. Very cool!




I focussed on what businesses in THE SPACE have in common. Quckly it became the dynamic and innovative drive of the people there! Growing their businesses by making and taking opportunities amidst risks and challenges. I embedded those traits into the art:


  • Style - to match smaller businesses continuously in a process of refining ideas and strategies, I used an >>impressionist style<< as it offers broad storylines but let the viewer add meaning to it;


  • Theme - 'wood' is a story about growth, and a resource linked to prosperity;


  • Medium - large (24"x36") bold canvas prints and yet cost-effective; and


  • Colours - to border Malibu Blue and mix with more relaxing colours of wooden materials.



Opening, Door, Blue Skies, Frame

Fern, NZ, Blue, Curly, Light Ahead

Vibrant. Blue, Light, Group, Warm


Opening, Light, Supportive, Bold

Blue Skies, Solid, Majestic, Craft

Maturity, Lasting, Healthy, Group


Impressionist Photography

Learn about how I have blended impressionism into my style of photography in this >>article<<


Case Study

FreeflyWall produced >>bespoke art work<< for The Space in Wellington CBD.